Oil & Gas Land / GIS Data Mapping Services

Steve Magown, CPL - PRESIDENT
Steve Magown is a Certified Professional Landman and has thirty years experience in all phases of landman services, including broker supervision, due diligence, oil and gas lease acquisition, damage settlements, site assessment, right-of-way agreements, mineral histories, curative title research, abstract preparation, and landowner relations. He has extensive experience in Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Texas. He holds a B.A. from Northeast Louisiana University. He is a certified notary, and is an active member of professional organizations such as AAPL, the Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen, Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen, and the Ark-La-Tex Association of Professional Landmen, Central Arkansas Landman’s Association, & Louisiana Oil & Gas Association.

Stephen Magown, RPL - VICE PRESIDENT
Stephen Magown is a graduate of Mississippi State University who holds a Bachelor of Business Information Systems and Marketing. He is a Registered Professional Landman and has eight years experience in the field. His responsibilities include broker supervision, title research, mineral histories, lease checks, lease acquisitions, state lands research, title curative, preparation of abstracts of title, and managing our growing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) operations. He has experience in Mississippi, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. He is an active member of AAPL, Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen, and Ark-La-Tex Association of Professional Landmen.